Ways Kids Can Help Fight Hunger

Easy ideas to get kids involved in the fight against hunger

Easy Ways for Kids to Fight Hunger

  1. Let kids decorate food items to donate to a local food pantry.
  2. Bring kids shopping for items to donate, and let your child take the lead in choosing food – with your guidance as to what’s nutritious.
  3. Many food pantries have a breakfast in a bag program. It’s perfect for kids who are too young to help serve the food – they can pack breakfasts at home!
  4. Older kids can volunteer in the pantry itself. At our local food pantry, children must be 14 before they can do this. Some food pantries allow younger children to help with stocking.
  5. Get a group together – a food drive playdate, or party, or even organize one in your child’s classroom.
  6. We’ve been to several farm markets that collect for food pantries – as you shop, you can throw in some extra fresh food, and leave it to be donated.
  7. Along the same lines, if you go to a farm to pick fresh fruit, pick some extra to drop off at a local food pantry.
  8. Give your local food pantry a call – they may have a unique program or way to get your little one involved!

Also check out these ways to involve kids from Coffee Cups & Crayons. This is a hard subject to talk about with kids. My kids are little, and our focus is on the good that we are doing, and that we can take action that will help people who need it.

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