Kid-friendly Watermelon Ice Recipe

Watermelon Ice

With my 4 year old’s help, we made some easy and delicious watermelon ice. Making it is so simple I almost didn’t write about it, but my son had so much fun, and it was so yummy, I decided to share!

We actually only used watermelon and ice. To make 3 servings, I used:
-1 1/2 c pureed watermelon
-1/2 c chopped ice (2-3 cubes)
-Optional: 1/2 tsp honey

Put the watermelon in a food processor or blender, until juiced, put into a shallow, freezer-safe container.  Put ice cubes in, process on low at first, then high (if you start with high, it just flies everywhere and you have to scrape it down.). Add to shallow dish and mix with the watermelon. I think it’s sweet enough like this, but you can add honey if desired.

Put the dish into the freezer and set the timer for 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes take the dish out and scrape the ice with a spoon, making sure to break down any ice that has formed. If you let it freeze solid, it will be just one very large watermelon ice cube!

My son was very good about monitoring the timer, and he enjoyed the scraping as well. He also helped out with some of the stirring, but mostly he just wanted to taste it as it got progressively colder.

Two more of our favorite fun and tasty ways to use watermelon are watermelon iced tea and watermelon train snacks.

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