Valentine’s Day Party Planner

Valentine's Day Party Planner for kids

Are you planning a Valentine’s Day party? We put together this Valentine’s Day party planner to give you ideas for snacks, activities, decorations, music, and, of course, cards!

Valentine’s Day Party Decorations

valentine's day party decorations
Images courtesy Real Southern Living and Red Ted Art

The Love burlap banner and felt hearts from Real Southern Living would make any gathering festive.

You could also hang salt dough heart decorations, like the ones pictured above from Red Ted Art. The kids could even help make the dough and do the painting.

Kids could also create a tree of hearts including the names of friends, classmates, and family members. This would be a fun way to get them thinking about loved ones and would create a lovely decoration.

This heart wreath and these window clings would both add festive touches to any party. Or you could hang marbled heart garlands or a heart mobile from the ceiling.

Valentine’s Day Music

Valentine's Day music
Left image courtesy No Time For Flashcards

Get the kids dancing to our Valentine’s Day playlist. Freeze dance is always a hit at our house!

Heart shakers from No Time For Flashcards would add to the dancing fun!

Younger kids will also enjoy these Valentine’s Day themed finger plays.

Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine's Day snacks
Images courtesy Life in Wonderland and A Spicy Perspective

Try filling bags with Valentine’s Day Trail Mix (A Spicy Perspective makes it easy with their free printable, shown above!)

Heart Fruit Kebobs, pictured above from Life in Wonderland, are a mouth-watering and healthy snack to include. Or, for another healthy snack, how cute is this fruit cup using an orange peel as a bowl?

Kids will love doing red food taste test – get out strawberries, watermelon, tomatoes -all your favorite red foods!

For those looking for a chocolaty Valentine’s Day treat, I bet Valentine’s Whoopie Pies or berry oreo chocolate chunk cookies would fly off the table! These easy marshmallow treats would also satisfy a sweet tooth.

If you are looking to serve a meal, consider making heart shaped pizzas. You could shape the crust or the toppings as hearts.

Valentine’s Day Party Activities

Valentine's Day games
images courtesy Reading Confetti and Mary Ellen Riley/Whisk Together


For imaginative play ideas, check out Whisk Together’s felt Valentine’s Day cookies and these Heart Finger puppets from Reading Confetti. 

You can also set up crafts. These love bugs from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas use pom-poms, googly eyes, and pipecleaners.  Or try this cute heart glasses craft, also using pipecleaners.

You could set up a relay race transferring hearts from one container into another, using tongs.

Get active with a scavenger hunt for hearts, either indoors or outside. 

Play dough is always a hit. To add a Valentine’s Day touch try either chocolate scented and rose scented dough.

For some hands-on science, dissolve baking soda “rocks” in vinegar, with hidden red heart marbles inside!

Valentine’s Day Cards

make your own Valentine's Day Cards
Images courtesy What Do We Do All Day and Coffee Cups and Crayons

There are so many amazing cards. I’ve listed a few of my favorites below:

Just like Mom and Kiddo, we like to keep it simple with the easy peasy handmade cards pictured above.

Coffee Cups and Crayons made simple “gem” cards (pictured above) using pipe cleaners and Hershey kisses

Like the pencil theme for school? Add one to your cards to make butterfly pencils or make pencil-shaped cards using a Hershey kiss tip!

To give a card they can play with, check out our lacing toy heart cards or these I Dig You cards (which also have some candy!).

Some of my favorites are animal plays on words: Check out “I’ll owl-ways love you” and “hedge-hugs.”

Valentine’s Day Card Mailbox

Valentines Day mailbox
images courtesy Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas and Blue Cricket Design


If cards will be exchanged at your party, a fun idea is to let the kids create individual mailboxes. Tissue boxes already have the slot for cards! Try jazzing one up like Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas by making a puppy mailbox. I love this chair back mailbox from Blue Cricket Design, shown above. Or get creative with a boat-shaped mailbox.

Looking to upcycle to make your card mailboxes? Check out these ideas using a tissue box, a shoebox, or an oatmeal canister.

For even more Valentine’s Day ideas and inspiration, check out my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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