Tic Tac Toe Busy Bag

Tic Tac Toe is our go-to scrap paper game. It’s easy to draw on the back of a napkin or a receipt, so it has saved us while waiting in many a line! Tic tac toe is even more fun with actual objects to manipulate.

Busy Bag for fine motor skills - make your own tic tac toe busy bag

This tic tac toe busy bag rolls up to be easily transported, and uses velcro, so the game pieces don’t roll off.

Fine Motor busy bag idea! Make a traveling  tic tac toe game!


Make the Tic Tac Toe Busy Bag

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  • rectangle of felt
  • velcro dots
  • craft sticks
  • 10 pompoms (5 of one color, 5 of another)
  • ribbon to wrap it up with

how to make tic tac toe busy bagPut the velcro dots on the craft sticks so that they will stick together to make a grid. Place the grid on the felt (you could also use velcro dots to stick the grid to the felt, but I didn’t feel like the sticks moved around enough to make it necessary).

Once the grid is on the felt, you can see where the pompoms would go. Place a velcro dot on each empty space on the grid, and place the other end of the velcro dot on each of the pompoms.

Then you can play! Once your tic tac toe game is done, just separate the sticks and the pompoms, and wrap the whole thing up and tie with a ribbon. I found that if I tied the roll on both ends, nothing fell out.

Make a tic tac toe busy bag - great grab and go activity for kids!

Other ways we love tic tac toe while traveling:

    • At the beach! Draw the grid in the sand, and use shells for one side, rocks for the other
    • At a coffee shop! Use drink stirrers or stars, and 2 different colored sugar packets
    • Waiting in line – draw a grid, and use 2 different sized coins

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