Summer Painting for Kids: Sheet on the Lawn

Making big art outside is a lot of fun. This summer painting activity got a little messy – but because we were outside, cleanup was easy (although it did involve a hose on messy hands and feet!)

Summer Painting Set-Up

  • old sheet
  • paint (we used washable because it gets messy!)
  • paintbrushes
  • strips of cardboard (or something else for a paint palette)
  • container with water to rinse brushes

Create BIG ART outside! Summer painting for kids!

I knew that as soon as I brought the sheet outside, the kids would be over playing with it! So I set up the paint first. I ripped pieces off of a cardboard box, and squirted various colors of paint onto them. Then I grabbed a handful of paintbrushes, and a container with water (my little guy is a paint mixer, but my older one likes to be able to rinse his brush in between colors). I brought these supplies outside, and then I brought out the sheet.

The kids ran over, and I explained that they were both going to be painting the whole sheet together, to create one large art project. They were so excited – they got right to work!

Create BIG ART outside! Summer painting for kids!

They both painted for a while. And then eventually began using the cardboard strips as stamps for the paint…and then their hands…and their feet! Soon they were running across the sheet, leaving marks with their painted toes!

Create BIG ART outside! Summer painting for kids!

A trip to the hose cleaned them off, and we left the painted sheet out to dry.

Create BIG ART outside! Summer painting for kids!

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