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Our project this weekend was to create stories using stickers.  My 4 year old and I made a sticker story grab bag together. We put a bunch of stickers into a paper bag, shook it up, and then my son closed his eyes, reached in, and grabbed few stickers. He used the stickers he pulled out to form a story.

Set up is simple: All you need for this project is some stickers, a paper bag, paper to place the stickers on, and a marker. We used leftovers from one of our Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Book (there are a few different ones available). This project is also very portable, making it a good choice for a car ride.

After my son decided which story he wanted to tell, we discussed how people read from left to right. I showed him using a few nearby books, using my fingers to trace the words from left to right as I read them.  When he placed the stickers, he grouped them from left to right on the page, in the order he wanted to tell the story. Engaging him in creating his own stories, and the flow of how words go together, will help him when it comes time for him to read, and write, on his own.

I had originally wanted to help him create his own little book, but he wanted to make one story on a big piece of paper, so we went with that. As he placed the stickers, he dictated the story to me to write. If I gave him this activity in the car, he would just tell me the story out loud as he placed the stickers.

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I came up with this idea because we have several large sticker books. There are inevitably pages of stickers  left with just one or two stickers remaining. Those pages seem to linger. I’m not sure why- maybe because they don’t look as attractive as the pages full of stickers? I wanted to find a way to make those stickers fun again.

We were also able to work in some fine motor activity, with some cutting practice. We cut the stickers off of their pages before placing them inside our sticker story bag. This also didn’t go quite according to plan, because some of the stickers were grouped very close together, making it hard for beginners to cut (especially with blunt kid scissors). My son was initially very frustrated when he cut those, and asked me to cut instead of him. I found some that were not close together, and let him work on those instead.

The sticker story bag idea was such a hit that I plan to use it on an upcoming car trip this weekend as a way to keep my son entertained!

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