Star Wars Word Run

This sidewalk chalk game combined Star Wars, reading, handwriting practice, and running. It is seriously so much fun, and if Star Wars isn’t your thing, you could tailor it to any favorite story.

Star Wars Word Run: An active game focusing on reading and writing

Creating the Star Wars Game

We came up with a list of Star Wars words together. I tried to focus on words that were not Star Wars specific (like Tatooine), but ones that my son might see in other contexts as well. Some words we used were:

  • ice
  • sand
  • clone
  • battle
  • knight
  • army
  • craft
  • battle
  • star
  • wars

We each wrote up the words on the driveway using sidewalk chalk. (Yes, I am officially obsessed with sidewalk chalk games!) Both my kindergartner and I wrote out the words. For words he couldn’t spell, he got out his LEGO Star Wars Dictionary to check the spelling.

Then we traced a shape around the word. We wanted to have a way for my toddler to join in the fun, because reading the words was not an option!

Playing the Game

Our “mission” was to land on the each word, to rescue it from the Empire. I called out a word, and my kids would run and look for it. I gave more help with some of the words (like, say, Tatooine) that were well beyond my little guy. For those words, I would say, “what letter does it start with?” and then repeat the word, emphasizing the first sound.

My son would then run to the word, and free it from the Empire. The word would be free after he repeated the spelling of the word back to me. Mid-way through the first game, he realized he needed to build Lego spacecraft to land on these words. So we had to take a Lego break!

Star Wars Word Run: A Star Wars inspired, active game focusing on reading and writing

It rained last night, so our game board washed away, but I’m sure we’ll be back out there with the sidewalk chalk in no time!

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