Snowflakes For Sandy Hook

I learned from Mama Smiles that the PTA at Sandy Hook elementary school have requested that snowflakes be sent in to create a winter wonderland when the students return to their new elementary school this winter.

Snowflakes for  Sandy Hook

Magic and light, laughter and happiness. That is what childhood should be. The children from Sandy Hook elementary school deserve nothing less. I hope that snowflakes received from around the country make those children’s eyes light up. I hope that they forget, for even a moment, about the tragedy that is unbearably a part of their identities now. I hope that as they walk through the halls of their new school, thinking about their old school, and that awful day, they are comforted by the sight of snowflakes sent to them from people the world over. I hope making snowflakes for these children helps us – gives us a sense that we are helping them. 

In case you need some inspiration, I’ve collected snowflake ideas from some of my favorite websites. 

UPDATE: The Sandy Hook PTA has announced that they have received so many snowflakes from around the world that they are no longer accepting snowflakes. They have asked for pictures of winter wonderlands created by other communities as  a show of solidarity. They are also accepting monetary donations. 

White Paper Snowflakes

Paper Snowflake from Rainy Day Mom

Kids love cutting snowflakes, especially the surprise on their faces for the “big reveal.” Paper snowflakes are classic plain, and can be jazzed up with glitter or stamps or paint or stickers.

6 sided Paper Snowflake from Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art shares her tutorial on making a classic 6 pointed snowflake here

Other Paper Snowflakes

White paper snowflakes are great, but if you want to change it up, there are many other kinds of papers you can try. 

Snowflake collage

For sturdier snowflakes, check out Happy Hooligan’s cardboard snowflakesYou can cut wrapping paper snowflakes like Hands On: As We Grow, or cut paper bags into snowflakes. To increase the shine factor, Glittering Muffins made snowflakes from aluminum foil.  

You can also try contact paper or tissue paper

Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

Pipe cleaner snowflakes from Frugal Fun for Boys

Pipe cleaners also make lovely snowflakes. Frugal Fun For Boys made some lovely snowflakes using silver and white pipe cleaners. They can be simply twisted together or adorned with beads. They can also be dipped in paint and used as snowflake stamps. 

Craft Stick Snowflakes

Popsicle stick snowflake from Glittering Muffins

Popsicle sticks, glued or tied together, covered with yarn or glitter or paint. Glittering Muffins used paint and glitter on craft sticks to make the snowflakes above. Momma’s Fun World also shares an easy popsicle stick snowflake idea. 

Handprint Snowflakes

What to do with the Children glitter handprint

What to do with the Children created these glitter hand print snowflakes on the spur of the moment. It would also work with paint!

Snowflake Ornaments

You can fill plain ornaments with snowflakes. Or wooden snowflake ornaments can be drawn on with sharpies, paint, or crayon.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

spin art snowflakes from Toddler Approved

These spin art coffee filter snowflakes from Toddler Approved look like a lot of fun.

As I find more snowflake ideas, I will be pinning away to my Snowflake board on Pinterest. 

Remember to send your snowflakes to the Sandy Hook PTA by January 12, 2013!

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