Snow Dough

After watching Frozen last weekend, we decided to make a shaving cream-based dough that looks like snow. I started making this a few years ago because whenever I got shaving cream out for play, my son would refuse because he doesn’t like the way the shaving cream feels. So I thought about what would make him get some of the sensory benefits, without the feeling of shaving cream, and decided adding cornstarch was the key (cornflour in the UK).

When you add enough cornstarch, the result is a texture that is soft, and way more moldable than shaving cream. And much less likely to stick to your fingers!

Snow Dough! Fun sensory play dough inspired by Frozen

How to Make Snow Dough

Play with sensory snow dough!

Put the shaving cream into the container and then add the cornstarch while mixing, until it is a consistency you want to play with! I actually can’t stand the feeling of plain cornstarch on my fingers, which is why I included the optional spoon. It’s way better for play and learning to just dig your hands in and feel how the consistency changes with the added cornstarch. I just can’t do it, so if I’m making it with the kids, I use a spoon.

Then we stirred in the blue washable liquid watercolors (affiliate link) and glitter. We just added it until it we liked how it looked – probably about 1 1/2 teaspoons of liquid watercolor. We played a bit and then put it in the refrigerator so it was cool, and then brought it out again for even more fun.

snow dough inspired by Frozen

Because of the blue color and glitter, we call this one “Elsa’s dough.” My son has already asked to “build a castle with Elsa’s dough” again. The dough does not actually lend itself to perfect castle building – but in his 3 year old mind, the clumps of glittery blue are the perfect castle!

Frozen Inspired snow dough

This is part of the 12 months of Sensory Dough series on Lemon Lime Adventures.  You can follow along on the Sensory Dough Pinterest board for more sensory dough fun.


sensory dough

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