20+ Creative S’Mores Recipes

20+ creative, easy, and fun way to make s'mores

A summer barbecue just isn’t complete without making s’mores!  Here’s our take on some of the most creative s’mores recipes we found this season.

We love the traditional method, on the grill, or you could do it over flames from a log like at Busy Kids = Happy Mom. There are also many creative, and tasty updates to the original. I’m glad summer just started, so I can start to work my way through these treats!

Cook s'mores over a flame (Busy Kids = Happy Mom)
Image courtesy Busy Kids = Happy Mom

Beyond the Traditional S’Mores

Enjoy this collection of kid-friendly, and simple, updates to the traditional s’mores. From strawberries to peanut butter to s’mores in a cup, there’s something for every gooey-chocolate lover!

Make Peanut Butter S'Mores ~ By Stephanie Lynn
Image courtesy By Stephanie Lynn

Reese’s peanut butter cups make everything more delicious! Try By Stephanie Lynn’s Peanut Butter S’mores.

Stuff a marshmallow for inside out s’mores!

Miniature S’Mores Pie looks easy and very yummy!

Make Frozen S'Mores Pops ~ The Crafted Sparrow
Image courtesy The Crafted Sparrow

Kids love treats on a stick, like these S’Mores pops from The Crafted Sparrow. Or try these frozen s’mores pops!

Make Solar S'Mores ~ Growing a Jeweled Rose
Image courtesy Growing A Jeweled Rose

For extra special backyard fun, let your kids make solar s’mores! Growing a Jeweled Rose gives you directions for making your own solar oven.

Frozen S'mores pop from Design Dazzle
Image courtesy Design Dazzle

I know my kids will love these frozen s’mores ice cream pops from Design Dazzle! 

Rice Krispy S’mores can be made by your little ones, with only a little help!

Make Strawberry S'Mores ~ Cookies & Cups
Image courtesy Cookies & Cups

S’more covered strawberries, like the ones above from  Cookies & Cups sound wonderful! You could also go a little gourmet with your s’mores and try strawberry stuffed s’mores.

For a sweet take on trail mix, make S’Mores Trail Mix.

Try dipping your s’mores in coffee (or hot chocolate!) with S’Mores Mini Dippers.

Make Campfire Cone S"mores ~ Kids Activities Blog
Image Courtesy Kids Activities Blog

Make campfire cone s’mores on the grill, like The Kids Activities Blog.

Give a gift of S’mores – A decorated mason jar adds a fun touch!

S’Mores in a cup would be a portable treat fun for a playdate.

Make S'More with fun cut-outs ~ Domestically Speaking
Image courtesy Domestically Speaking

Domestically Speaking shared tips to liven up your s’mores with fun cutouts.

S’Mores Bark would be a fun addition to any summer BBQ.

S’Mores Trifle, complete with marshmallow creme and brownies!

Make S'Mores in a terracotta pot ~ Nest of Posies
Image courtesy Nest of Posies

Don’t have a grill handy? Try making them in a terracotta pot, like the one above from Nest of Posies!

Want to drink your chocolatey- goodness? Grab a S’Mores Shake.

Or start off your day with s’mores, and try S’Mores French Toast!

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