Sight Word Run

Sight Word Run! Active play for early readers

We’re coming up with more fun ways to move and learn our sight word lists!

Sight word run took just a minute or two to set up. I wrote several sight words on index cards, leaving out one letter, and instead drawing a line. Then I scattered the cards around the room, and my kindergartner dashed around, filling in the words. Depending on where the blank was in the word, one card could be multiple words (c_t could be cat, cot, or cut).

In fact, this game turned into so much fun that I am going to laminate the cards, and then we can use them over and over!

At first, we did this just as a run and find the words activity. But then we put a bit of an indoor spin on our Star Wars Word Run. After I placed the cards throughout the room, I ran in to my 5 year old and said, “Oh no! The Empire has taken words from the Rebel Alliance and removed letters! We need a Jedi warrior to locate the words and find the missing letters!”

Other Ways to Move & Learn

Other ideas to keep active while learning this week:

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