Shadow Science: How Shadows Change Over Time

Sunny Day Science! Play with Shadows!

On a nice sunny day, shadows can become a fun plaything! We like to trace shadows, jump on them, try to run away from our own, and play shadow tag. Sometimes, we add a science twist, and observe how they change over time.

All you’ll need is a sunny spot, sidewalk chalk, and something to create a shadow. We used our own shadows for this project. But you could also use sticks, rocks, toys, or something that’s always there – like a tree or a fence – to create your shadow.

Find a sunny spot (and one you know will remain sunny for at least a few hours!), and trace your child’s shoes with sidewalk chalk. Then trace the outline of their shadow. Come back periodically throughout the day, and ask your child if he thinks the shadow moved, and if so, how? Will it be longer? Shorter? Wider? In the same place?

Then ask your child to put his feet in the chalk outline feet, and trace the shadow again. We like to use different colored chalk for each outline!

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