Sensory Spring Water Table

Sensory spring water table: sights, touches, and smells of Spring!

Isn’t Spring a wonderful season? Setting up a sensory Spring Water Table is very easy (especially if, like me, your yard has lots of dandelions.) I filled the water table, and we gathered dandelions, mint sprigs, and I broke off a few branches from our lavender bush. Then we added all those elements to the water table.

We smelled the plants, felt the differences in them wet and dry, and the kids even sampled some of the mint.

The most fun was when we made “dandelion boats.” They put either mint or grass on top of the dandelion to make a boat. Then they blew on the dandelions to make them move from one end of the water table to the other.

Sensory Spring Water Table: race dandelion boats by blowing them through water

The kids also used the lavender sticks to stir the dandelions, poke them…and eventually to lift them out of the water and throw them across the lawn! Ensuring that we have even more dandelions. Which is actually great, because we’ll be able to play more dandelion games.

Sensory Spring Water Table: sights, feels, and smells of spring!

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