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Celebrate the Olympics with your own Flag Festival!

Olympic Flag Festival

To celebrate the Olympics, we made our own flag craft, full of flags from various countries around the world. I hope recognizing the …

Dandelion Games! Spring themed games to get moving outside

Dandelion Games

To celebrate the Spring, and to play with the bright yellow dandelions dotting our yard, we hosted our own “Dandelion Games!” This …

Simple and healthy snack for kids - kids will love this easy to make bunny cracker snack!

Bunny Cracker Snack

Need a quick snack that is also super cute and has vegetables — and kids love it? This bunny cracker snack fits …

Glow in the Dark Moon and Rocket - Awesome craft and activity!!

Glow in the Dark Moon Rocket

I”m so happy to have Anne from Left Brain Craft Brain here! Anne is an ex-engineer, current stay-at-home mama writing about crafty ways …

Activities Boys Love! Fun ideas for play, art, crafts, snacks, and more!

Activities Boys Love

I’m so happy to have Jaime from Frogs, and Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails! She’s sharing a list of activities boys love …

DIY Glue Paint! Easy to make and so many fun ways to use it!

Make Your Own Glue Paint

Hold onto your old glue bottles! Glue paint is so fun – you can create with different colors and stick extra decorations …