Ready for Kindergarten: Family Journal For Kids

Kindergarten readiness has been one of our focuses around here – my oldest son is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks!  When Deborah of Teach Preschool offered to send me her book Ready for Kindergarten, and asked me to participate in a book study, I was thrilled.

I (happily!) received the book for this post, and all the opinions in it are my own. Affiliate links are included.

Ready for Kindergarten

Ready for Kindergarten!: From Recognizing Colors to Making Friends, Your Essential Guide to Kindergarten Prep explores pretty much everything you’d want to cover with your little one!

Kid Created Family Journal - Learning about your family

For our book study, we chose the chapter “All About Me!”, particularly about the members of our family.  Learning about themselves (their name, address, family members, allergies) is an important step in Kindergarten readiness. As the book explains:

As children begin that journey that leads them away from the home environment, the will want to bring with them information that keeps them connected to home and have the ability to tell others, when needed or desired, “This is who I am!”

As with each idea shared, the book describes  “What Your Child Should Know” “How You Can Help” and “Reflect, Revise, Revisit.”

What Your Child Should Know: Basic Details About His Family

We talk about how my son has his own name, and other family members have names also. We also use this time to talk about things he wants to share or remember about our family.

create a family journal

How You Can Help: Help Your Child Create a Family Journal!

My son has been creating a family journal. He chooses pictures of family members, I print them out on paper, which he cuts, glues into the journal, and writes (or traces) their names. I get out a variety of things for him to decorate it with, using whatever we have on hand. Colored tape, stickers, and colored markers are favorites. 

He puts in both names he uses for them, and their actual names. At first he would trace the names, but now he writes the letters himself.

He then describes what he wants to say, either about the family member or about the experience captured in the picture.

The family journal has been expanded beyond pictures, to include items from nature walks with his brother, lineups from baseball games with his cousin, and playbills from a play with his great-grandmother.

kid created family journal to learn about their family

Reflect, Revise, Revisit: Explore the Family Journal Together

He brings his journal to me, and other family members, and we discuss the pictures, the people, and the words in the journal. It’s a fun way to connect with family. I also love seeing the progress in his writing!

If you have a child who is in his or her preschool years, Ready for Kindergarten!: From Recognizing Colors to Making Friends, Your Essential Guide to Kindergarten Prep is packed with other helpful, do-able, and FUN ways to prepare for K!

Ready for Kindergarten book

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