Reading Game With LEGO’s

LEGO games are very popular around our house. And my 5 year old is just starting to learn to read, so we’ve been playing reading games also. I combined LEGO pieces and a reading game to create our “LEGO Minifigure Rhyming Hop.”

Understanding sounds is a step towards reading, and so we try to play with sounds a lot, especially with rhymes.

Reading game with LEGO minifigures: rhyming word hop

Creating the Game:

The object of the game is to hop the minifigure from one end of the LEGO board to the other, landing only on rhyming words.

Using masking tape, I wrote out short words, and stuck them onto 2 stacked LEGO bricks of the same color. I made sure to include a couple sets of 7-8 rhyming words so there would be enough words to get the minifigure from one end of the board to the other.

This game works even if your kids aren’t reading yet. Many of the words I used aren’t ones my son knows, but we just talked through the ending of the word, and then sounded out what the words are when the initial letter changes.

For example, we started our figure on the word “ran” – a word I knew that my son wouldn’t recognize. We talked through that word, and then hopped the figure to the next rhyme: “man.” He need to sound that out too, but by the time he did a few more “hops”, he was shouting out the words, because he was confident with the rhyming ending, and knows the sound the first letter makes.

Reading game with LEGO minifigures: rhyming word hop

For Toddlers: We even played this with my toddler – I just said that the words were, and asked which words rhyme. He didn’t necessarily know, but he had a lot of fun calling out the words, and playing with the sounds!

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