Reading Game – Understanding Letters

We played an early reading game, working on letter sounds and understanding that letters make up words.
Letter match - an active game for learning letter recognition and early reading skills

Set Up:

Place board books beginning with different letters on the ground. I recommend board books because the game can get a little rowdy, and the books may take a bit of a beating. Then I scattered letters around the floor, about 10 feet away. I used these magnetic letters because they were sturdy, and because we had them.

Letter game

I set up the game before I call the kids – even a simple game like this – because if I try to set it up while they are right there, they always just want to play!

Game For Early Readers

My 5 year old had to look at the book title, call out the letter that the first word in the title started with, and then run to the letter pile to select the letter that was the first letter in the title. Sometimes, if it was a word he knew, he would also call out the first word in the title.
You could also have the child spell out a whole word (assuming it was a short one). We did that for a few, like the first word in The Cat In The Hat.
Letter match - an active game for learning letter recognition and early reading skills

Game for Non Readers

My toddler just randomly grabbed letters and ran around! When he picked up a letter, sometimes he also called out the name of the letter, or sometimes I would say “Look! You picked up an A!”
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