Rainbow Busy Bag

My toddler loves both rainbows and pompoms. So I combined both in this rainbow busy bag for him!

Rainbow busy bag (with free printable rainbow) - fun color and fine motor practice!

Make A Rainbow Busy Bag

  • a rainbow (print ours here or draw one)
  • velcro dots
  • pompoms in rainbow colors

free printable rainbowI made printed out a rainbow (click here for your free rainbow!). Then I added the “hook” velcro dots along each color. I added the “loop” velcro to the colored pompoms, and the busy bag was done!

My toddler sticks the pompoms along the rainbow. Then he takes them off and rearranges them. Sometimes he puts the pompoms on the colors outlined on the rainbow. Mostly, though, he just has sets the colors up any way he wants to!

Rainbow busy bag - fun color and fine motor practice!

It’s a very simple busy bag, but it’s one he loves! For another awesome rainbow busy bag, check out this Rainbow Lacing busy bag from Coffee Cups & Crayons. You can make it from a cereal box! For more busy bags you’re sure to love, check out:

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