Polar Express Craft – Frozen Bell Ornament

Reading The Polar Express (affiliate link) together is one of our family’s favorite Christmas traditions. After we got the book out this year, we made a simple Polar Express Craft  to hang on the tree! We added glitter to jingle bells so they’d look straight out of the North Pole, frosted with snow!

Polar Express Craft - a frozen bell ornament!

Make Your Frozen Bell Ornament

  • Jingle Bells
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Glitter (we used white)
  • Resealable plastic bags

Polar Express craft for kids - frozen jingle bell Christmas ornaments!

First you need to add the glue to the bells. We painted some glue on, and we just rolled some bells in glue. Basically we just got really messy with glue! Then we dropped the bells into the bag, and shook in a whole bunch of glitter. I sealed the bag and my son shook, shook, shook, to coat the bells. I took the bells out of the bag and placed them on top of the plastic bag to dry. Then I strung the ribbon through the bells, and we added them to our tree!

Polar Express craft for kids - frozen jingle bells!

What I love most about this frozen bell craft is how simple it is to make. My three year old did the whole thing, except for tying the ribbon on the finished product.

Kid made Christmas Ornaments

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