How To Play Corners

How to Play Corners - an active game to practice colors, letters, numbers, and shapes!Did you play Corners when you were little? It’s a fun game to get moving, and you can adapt it to practice almost anything – colors, numbers, shapes, letters, sight words – basically anything you can think of! Playing Corners - active game for practicing colors, letters, and number!

How To Play Corners

  1. Get 3 or more people.
  2. Create your rectangle (or square): Inside, you could use a whole room or gym, or mark off part using tape. We played outside by drawing a large rectangle on our driveway with sidewalk chalk.
  3. Decide what each corner represents: We were playing with a mixed age group, including toddlers, so I went with colors. We choose orange, blue, yellow, and purple. You could also choose 4 numbers, shapes, letters, or words.
  4. Create your corners. We colored each corner a separate color. Indoors you could use several pieces of colored paper, or strips of colored tape. 
  5. Draw a circle in the center. This is where the “counter” will stand.
  6. Choose a counter. The counter stands in the circle and closes his or her eyes and counts out loud to 10, while everyone else runs around and chooses which corner to stand in. When the counter calls out “10!”, whatever corner the runners are closest to, they have to stay in.
  7. Call out Corners. The counter calls out the name of a corner – in our game that would be “Orange!” “Blue!” “Yellow!” or “Purple!” (make sure the counter’s eyes are still closed!). Anyone in that corner is out. (As my son says, “they’ll get a chance next time!”)
  8. Choosing a winner. When there are 4 people or fewer left, each runner must choose a different corner. The last person left is the winner – and the next counter!

Playing Corners - active game for practicing colors, letters, and number!

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