Painting With Snow

Painting with snow: play with snow inside!After an afternoon of playing outside in the snow, we were ready to come in – but not ready to stop playing with the snow! So we gathered some snow, brought it inside, and added some paint to extend our snowy afternoon by painting with snow!

Making the Snow Paint

We used:

  • a bowl of snow
  • a few jars (we like using clear jars so we can see the snow)
  • paint and paint brushes
  • paper

We spooned the snow into 3 jars, and then squirted paint on top. The boys put the paint brushes in, and mixed the snow and paint.  They added the snow paint to the paper. We found that dark blue and black paper worked best to really show the snow sparkling through the paint while it was wet, but you can use any color you’d like.

Painting with snow: bring the snow inside to play!

Painting with the snow created little crystals of snow, and slightly watery paint. As it got warmer, of course the paint became even more watery! The kids had fun exploring this new sensory way to paint, and the novelty of playing with the snow inside. They rubbed the snow paint between their fingers, painted the paper, even painting their hands to make handprints on the paper!

Play with Snow Inside with Snow Painting!

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