Only One Rebecca: Moms Celebrating Moms

Today’s post is from the fabulous Melissa, of mama♥miss. You must check out this brownie recipe. I also like her winter sensory bin with word recognition, and all of her free printables are fantastic.

When I sat down to write my “Moms Celebrating Moms” post I had many moms in mind to write about.  Besides my own mom, the first one who came to mind is my good friend and mom, Rebecca.

I haven’t come across a true friend such as her in a very long time.  Don’t get me wrong, I have friends, I have amazing friends…I have mommy friends, I have bloggy friends, I have old friends, I have new friends, but I only have one Rebecca.  I know you know what I am am talking about, the friend who gets “you”, with absolutely no judgment.  Happy you, sad you, complicated you, grumpy you, tired you, frustrated you, angry you…I think you get what I am saying.  We have many things in common; she is a stay at home mom, she is a small business owner mom, and she is a work at home mom.  All the mom hats that I wear, too.

We are both very busy moms who still make time to spend what little free time we have, to connect with one another on some level.  Whether it’s being my shopping partner at 10pm just to get groceries, or wander the aisles of our local craft store after the kiddos go to bed, she’s there.  Whether it’s to stand in line 2 hours before our local consignment sale starts so we can be first in line, she’s there.  Whether it’s to happily edit my poor grammar in all my posts before they are live on my website, she’s there.  Whether it’s to have numerous conversations about how we want to homeschool our kids & build a preschool together, she’s there.  Or, whether it’s someone you stay up until 3am, 4am, 5am, crafting, working, or chatting with, she is there.  She helps me with my business, I help her with her business (it’s not just take, or just give, it’s equal).  When she’s away from me she thinks of me and gets little gifts for me, when I’m away from her I collect (& hoard) numerous children’s books for her (another thing we have in common, our addiction to children’s literature). 

So many of my female relationships I give, give, & give, and very rarely get anything in return.  And, not that I need anything in return mostly, I am just a giver by nature, but sometimes it’s nice to be just equal.  Like a husband/wife relationship I felt like I was always on the quest to find “the” friend.  The friend who knows you are there, & you know she is there, no matter what.  I know this is a funny thing to say, but I always throughout my entire adult life have always been the one friend you could turn to, the one who would be the designated driver, the one who you could call at 1am if you needed to, the friend who would come over & babysit at the drop of a hat.  Although I’ve been that person for many friends, I’ve never felt that I had that in a friendship (I think because mostly I didn’t want to burden anyone).  I knew if I needed any of those things I would call my parents, or my husband, but I never thought I’d have a friendship there for me like that.

And as write this, I realize that maybe I have had that person, but may have not been ready to have that person in my life.  Or I may have just been to scared to ask for that kind of friendship.  It just so happens that Rebecca came into my life when I had asked for help, and when I had needed help.  And she helped, and I helped…and we continue to help each other every day.  That’s a mom that I deem worthy of celebrating, one who celebrates me  – the good & the bad, as I celebrate her – the good & the bad.  An equal friendship based on respect, honesty, love, mutual interests, and without a doubt, simply being the best moms we can possibly be while trying to be ourselves in the process – with no judgment!

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