20+ activities for letter recognition

Indoor ideas for letter recognition: stay active and move and learn the ABC's insideNow that the weather’s getting colder, we’re going to be spending more time inside – but we want to make sure we keep moving and learning! There are many fun, simple, and movement-based activities for letter recognition. Here are some of my favorites from around the web.

  1. Vacuum  the alphabet
  2. Fall Leaf Movement ABC Game
  3. ABC Ice Cream Gross Motor Game
  4. Walk Tape Letters
  5. Alphabet Maze
  6. Move & Groove with the ABC’s
  7. Letter Sounds Race
  8. Build With Letter Blocks
  9. Alphabet Bowling
  10. Bubble Wrap Tiles
  11. ABC Slam
  12. Alphabet Letter Charades
  13. Alphabet Puppet Theater
  14. Letter Matching With Hearts
  15. ABC Floor Letters
  16. Alphabet Stomp Mat
  17. Active Letter Match
  18. U Toss Game
  19. J is for Jump game
  20. Hopscotch letters
  21. Painter’s Tape Jump Boxes
  22. Running Letter Match Game
  23. Alphabet Zipline

Other Ways to Move & Learn Indoors

We’re sharing collections of ways to keep active while learning inside this week:

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