Move and Learn with Toddlers

Move & Learn with toddlers: active ideas for learning math, science, language, and reading concepts!

Toddlers are so curious and always on the go. Their play provides many natural opportunities for moving and learning. Simply giving your toddler the name of something she is carrying helps them learn. It can be as easy as “Look at that red ball in your hands!” Some of my favorite active ideas for learning are below.

Math Concepts for Toddlers

Basic math concepts, such as shapes, sorting, colors, even number recognition, can be easily incorporated into your play – in fact, you are probably already doing many of these activities!

Using painter’s tape, make a tape shape game.

Using familiar objects is popular with toddlers – try using them in a sorting game!

measurement for toddlers
image courtesy Coffee Cups & Crayons

Play with non-standard measurements, such as the cat in the hat’s hat!

Work on number recognition by setting up a number scavenger hunt outdoors or walking a number line.

Spatial concepts can be explored using puzzles – try a block puzzle piece scavenger hunt or making your own puzzle on the floor using blocks and painter’s tape, letting your toddler fill up the shape!

Language Concepts for Toddlers

With my toddler, sometimes it’s the sillier the better. And many of the ways we work on language development – from rhyming to classifying the objects around us – are downright silly!

Outdoor play provides so many language opportunities – one of my favorite speech pathologist shares 6 ways to make the most of the outdoors!

Rhyming can be especially fun – we like to take rhyming nature walks!

Toddler Twister, adding a pile of colorful toys to the classic game, and matching colors.

Block basketball, naming (and tossing!) different colors of soft blocks, is a game I feel sure my toddler would love!

Science Concepts & Experimentation for Toddlers

science for toddlers
image courtesy hands on: as we grow

There are endless ways to play with a simple tube – and a gravity experiment using toy cars is one that is sure to delight!

Mixing and making bubbles is always a fun experiment (really for any age!).

Science ideas for toddlers
image courtesy No Twiddle Twaddle

You could also try making, and even painting with, rainbow bubble water!

Create nature wristband
Image courtesy Connecting Family & Seoul

Create a nature wristband from painter’s tape and go on a nature walk.

Science for toddlers
image courtesy Inspiration Laboratories

Learn about gravity with a simple ball experiment.

Work on classification and play the Label Game using your toddler’s favorite toys.

Science concepts for toddlers
image courtesy Happy Hooligans

Create rainbow water (and combine play with fine and large motor skills – plus make pretty water!).

Reading Concepts for Toddlers

Our favorite activity to encourage reading is to read together – everything and often! We’ve also worked in some play with letter recognition. My toddler has started to take an interest in the letters used by his older brother to form words, so I’m going with it!

Making your own book fort

Build a book fort to add some adventure to your reading.

We love acting out scenes from our favorite books. For instance, reading Good Night Gorilla, we will walk around bidding our stuffed animals goodnight, and then help them sneak out of their cages. Check out this great list of toddler books for inspiration.

reading concepts for toddlers
image courtesy Coffee Cups & Crayons

Let your toddler put out chalk flames and work on letter recognition with pretend firehoses!

Ride (or walk or run) through the ABC’s with your toddler using sidewalk chalk outside.

Or climb through an ABC spiderweb – you can even turn it into a scavenger hunt.

Reading concepts for toddlers
image courtesy No Time For Flashcards

Use brightly colored tape to put letters onto large blocks to build with letters.

Go on a name scavenger hunt.

Mark-Making for Toddlers

Mark making for toddlers
image courtesy Hands On: As We Grow

Take a chalk walk for some outdoor mark-making.

mark making for toddlers
image courtesy Fun at Home With Kids 

Turn your driveway into a canvas for your toddler with scented sidewalk paint – adding a fun sensory element to mark-making. And the recipe is easy!

No supplies are necessary – just grab a stick and let your toddler draw in the dirt or in the snow!

Activities to get toddlers moving and learning. Ideas for mark making and developing math, science, reading, and language concepts

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Each of us will be sharing new fun ways to move & learn next week, so stop by to check it out!

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Baby and Toddler Play Ideas

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