Mouse Shapes Puppets

We had such fun playing with our mouse shape puppets! We made these puppets after reading Mouse Shapes (affiliate link) by Ellen Stoll Walsh (our choice for this month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids).

Mouse puppets! Practice shapes and storytelling with Mouse Shapes puppets!

Making Mouse Shapes Puppets

  • construction paper – red, orange, yellow, green, and blue
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • <craft sticks (affiliate link)
  • glue
  • Mouse Shapes book (affiliate link)

Cut out a variety of shapes – triangles, circles, and squares were mostly what we used for these puppets. I used a ruler to draw the lines for the squares and triangles before I cut them out, and I traced circle-shaped objects before I cut the circles.

We modeled three of our mice puppets on the ones the mice in the book build from their shapes. We used the same general shapes and colors they use. But basically, if you use a triangle for the face and 2 circles for the eyes, your puppet can look like a mouse! Triangle ears, a triangle body, a rectangle body – any of these could work!

Use shapes to make cute mouse puppets!


First we glued together our mouse heads. We glued smaller circles onto slightly larger circles for the eyes. Then we glued circle ears onto corners of the triangle faces, and the eyes onto the faces. We glued the faces onto the bodies. Like the mice the book, we glued the faces so that about half of the triangle was on the body shape.

Once these were dry, I cut tails shapes out, and glued tails onto the back of the mice. Then we glue the mice onto craft sticks. And then we played!Practice shapes with Mouse Shapes puppets! We also used these puppets to play as we read both Mouse Paint and Mouse Count. Check out the other Ellen Stoll Walsh activities on the Virtual Book Club For Kids Facebook page and on our Pinterest board.


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