LEGO Games

LEGO party games: ideas kids will love!One of our favorite playdate ideas is to have a “LEGO party” where we play some (slightly) organized Lego games with our home collection.  Here are a few of our favorites:

LEGO party games

LEGO Grab Bag

Fill a bag with a variety of LEGO pieces. Have each child grab a handful of bricks, and see what their imagination builds! We often make a rule that their design must include each brick they grabbed.

LEGO Imagination Set

Sort out an identical set of LEGO pieces for each child, and let them build. It can be amazing to see the variations in what they build using the same bricks. And each kid will love telling the story behind their creation!

LEGO party game

Tallest LEGO Tower

See who can build the tallest tower…without it toppling! Once the tower topples, that kid joins the “cheering section” to see who wins (or, in other words, is “out”!)

LEGO Scene

Choose a broad theme and have the children work together to create a scene. For example, choose “city” and let the children work together to build parts of the city – the skyscrapers, the taxis, the food trucks…let their imaginations run wild!


Take pictures of simple LEGO structures, and have the children try to duplicate it. You can also do it step-by-step. Sometimes we do this one as a race!

(Affiliate link) This set of Lego bricks is the one we use for many of these games. It has a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes of bricks!

What about you? Do you have any LEGO games to share?

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