LEGO Challenges

9 Printable LEGO challenges - a creative activity for builders!This week of posts inspired by our favorite toys – LEGO bricks- has been such fun! Today I’m sharing one of our favorite activities – LEGO challenges. I print or write out several building ideas on pieces of paper, and put them in a bag. Then my son reaches in and chooses his building challenge.

I created a printable sheet (print your own), and cut each challenge out, put it into a bag, and my son chooses one. I have to admit, he’s not always thrilled with the challenges (he does love to build anything Star Wars related!). He was much happier with “build a new vehicle” than “build a musical instrument.” But once he started thinking about it, and building, he was very enthusiastic about his creation.

9 printable LEGO building challenges

LEGO Week!

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