Indoor Puddle Jumping: Toddler Game

My toddler needed a fun activity on a rainy day! It was too wet and cold to spend much time outdoors, and I needed a game for my toddler to pass the time.

inside toddler game

If it had been warm out, we would have put on boots and gone outside to find some puddles. I thought it would be fun to bring this activity inside, using our toy figures.

I got the inspiration for this from The Puddle by David McPhail, which we read as part of this month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids. In the book, we follow a little boy on his adventure sailing his toy boat in the puddles during a rain storm. He is not allowed to go into the puddles, but he is helped out by a frog when his boat  sails away. He also meets up with a turtle, a puddle jumping pig, a puddle swallowing elephant, and an over-helpful alligator.  When he make the trek home, his mom is waiting with a hot bath…the perfect place for him to play some more with his toy boat!

Of course, reading this book made my boys want to go find the nearest puddle. But with temperatures well below freezing, playing in puddles outdoors wasn’t an option!

Toddler Game Set Up

  • Plastic bin
  • 2 towels (1 for the floor, one for any spills)
  • Container of water (only give as much as you would be ok with landing on the floor)
  • small colander (we used one for the bath)
  • Toy figures

I set up the activity by placing the plastic bin onto a towel, and putting the water, colander, and toys nearby.

indoor toddler game

First we had to make it rain. We poured the water from the container through the colander into the plastic bin. Then we looked to see where the water pooled, forming puddles.

Next my toddler brought the toy figures into the mix, splashing them into the puddles yelling “splash!” and “jump!”

He had so much fun with this that his 5 year old brother came over to check out the fun!

Rainy day indoor toddler activity

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