I Spy Valentine’s Day Heart Bottle

Discovery bottles and sensory bottles provide an easy DIY toy — that your kids will love! This Valentine’s Day Heart Bottle is great bottle to play with an I Spy game. You can easily adjust the game for different ages of kids.
Make a Valentine's Day I Spy bottle using conversation hearts! Fun sensory bottle for kids!

I Spy Valentine’s Day Discovery Bottle

  • White pompoms
  • Conversation hearts (we used 2 boxes)
  • Clean dry plastic bottle
  • optional: hot glue or Krazy Glue, to prevent your littles from opening the bottle

Put the pompoms and the hearts into the bottle. I alternate a handful of each, just to spread the hearts throughout the bottle.

Glue the lid onto the bottle, let it dry, and you’re good to go!

Quick and simple sensory activity for Valentine's Day: make a conversation heart I Spy bottle!

There are lots of ways to play with the bottles – different ideas for different ages!

  • My baby just likes pointing to the hearts. And the pompoms. And just basically looking at the bottle!
  • Look for colors. Ask questions like “how many orange hearts do you see?” or “Can you point to a green heart?”
  • Count how many you find of each (or just one) color.
  • Look for letters on the hearts.
  • Look for words on the hearts.

Make a conversation heart sensory bottle for Valentine's Day!Be sure to check out the links below for 20 more awesome ways to play this Valentine’s Day!21 Awesome Valentine's Activities for Kids! Math games, ABC activities, sensory bottles... so many fun ideas in one spot!


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