Heart Pattern Game for Valentine’s Day

Pattern Heart Hop - move and learn with this Valentine's Day themed game!This heart pattern game was easy to set up – all I had to do was cut out paper hearts in several different colors. I then laid out a heart pattern for the kids to find.  Once they saw the big paper hearts on the floor, they were over in a flash! They jumped down the hearts, and as they went, they called out the pattern made by the alternating colors.

Next, we put them into piles of the same colored hearts, and my kindergartner set up a heart pattern of his own. He and his brother jumped and ran down the pattern. My toddler also got in on the action, setting up the hearts in a line, and announcing the color of each heart.

Inevitably, as they jumped, the hearts would move out of place, which was another fun way to learn. We figured out where the pattern broke, and how to fix it.

Other Ways to Move & Learn This Week

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