Halloween Words Busy Bag

Fun learning is effective learning! With Halloween around the corner, we used Halloween words for this literacy busy bag.

A reading activity with Halloween words

Halloween Words Busy Bag

  • orange craft foam (or thick craft sticks or cardstock)
  • clothespins
  • black permanent marker
  • scissors

Cut strips of craft foam (or paper). Write Halloween words on the strip. Leave enough space in between the letters in the words so that there is room to fit the end of a clothespin over each letter. Then label the clothespins with the letters in the words. Write the letter on the ends of the clothespins.

Reading activity perfect for Halloween - try a Halloween words game!

Put out a strip (or a few) with the words, and the clothespins with the letters. Work at your child’s level, finding the letter clips to clip to the words. I sat with my child and we sounded out the words, talked about the letters that made the sounds, and then located the letters and put them on the words together.

You know your child (or class) best – use words that work for them. Also know how many to use- you don’t want anyone getting overwhelmed with a mountain of words and clothespins!

Some words to try:

  • hat
  • cat
  • trick
  • mask
  • treat
  • black
  • dress up
  • pumpkin
  • orange
  • costume
  • witch
  • ghost

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