Halloween Gross (Motor) Fun

Halloween (Gross) motor fun: activities to get kids moving

We can’t seem to stop playing Halloween games! Here are a few ways we got moving outside, putting a Halloween twist on our moves.

Halloween Hopscotch
  • Cut out pumpkins or jack-o’-lanterns (poster board worked best for us)
  • Make trails for jumping
  • For toddlers: my little guy loved running down a straight or slightly curved path of pumpkins close together
  • For preschoolers: 
    • Jump down a path from pumpkin to pumpkin
    • Space out the pumpkins for a greater challenge
    • Play hopscotch
    • Let them create the path
    • Let them come up with new ways to play!

Spider crawl Halloween game

  • Get on the ground and crawl like a spider
  • We tried 2 ways- on all fours and walking like a crab. (My 4 1/2 year old definitely preferred the crawling version.)
  • Bonus points if you set up a web with yarn or tape for your little spiders. 

Jack-o'-lantern frisbee: Halloween activities


  • Cut out the middle circle of an orange paper plate, and draw a jack-o-lantern face on it. 
  • Toss the frisbee!

SPIDER RING TOSS: Ok, this is more of a fine motor activity.

  • Get a pumpkin bucket, and try to toss spider rings inside! My little guy also likes to just empty the bucket and do this over and over. 
  • We do also play a running version, where I hold the bucket and my kids try to get the spider rings into the pumpkin bucket while we are running around.
What Halloween-inspired games have you been playing? 
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