Friendship High Fives

Friendship activity

Now that school is out and my 4 year old doesn’t see his friends 3 days a week, we wanted to  let his friends know he’s thinking about them.  Little kids love getting mail, so we created paper “High Fives” to send to a few friends, using construction paper handprints. Each handprint listed a few reasons why they are special.

Making the High Fives

To make the high fives, I traced my son’s hand and cut out handprints. We chose a few friends to receive high fives. On the palm of each handprint, I wrote a friend’s name in white pencil, for my son to trace. I also wrote the words “High Five for…” in marker.

In addition to keeping up reading while the school year is out, I have been trying to make an effort to get in some writing practice. G is still at the very beginning stages of writing, so I want to keep up his momentum.

Spreading Kindness Through The Mail

Once the names were on each high five, I asked my son to tell me five reasons each friend should get a high five. As he gave me his answers, I wrote one reason on each finger.

Some of the reasons G gave were:

  • You are the best at playing firefighters ever.
  • You like to play at the playground with me.
  • You make me happy.
  • We sing silly songs together.
  • I like reading books with you.
  • You are very fast.

He then actually high-fived each handprint, and we sent them off to his friends. It was a cute way for my son to let his friends know how much he appreciates them. And if they are anything like my 4 year old, they will be very excited to get some mail!

Acts of kindness

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Give a friendship High Five! Handwriting practice and an act of kindness

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