Football I Spy Printable Game

My football loving son loves this Football I Spy game! He’ll spend lot of time looking at an I Spy game, and adding sports to the game really kept his attention.

Download and print –> Click here

Football I Spy Game - free printable for football fans!

With this I Spy game, for each item listed under the “Find” box, you try to find how many of those items are in the collage above. Just write the number on the blanks!

There are other ways to play with it, also. We cut out the pictures in the find box, and place it on top of one of the pictures it matches in the collage. Or draw lines from the pictures in the collage to their picture in the find box (this gets super messy and I actually find it frustrating to watch all the crazy lines – but my kids like it!). Sometimes my kids will even tell stories based on where the pictures show up in relation to the other – for instance, the water bottle squirting on to the referees shirt.

My favorite thing about I Spy games is how portable they are. Print them out and you have entertainment waiting for the doctor, or in the car, or on the sidelines of a sibling’s activity. So easy – and get it to download here for free!

Print Football I Spy Game! Fun for football fans!

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