Flower Fine Motor Busy Bag

Do you love busy bags yet? They are activities that your child can do quietly and independently, and they can be stored in a bag. So they are bags that keep your child busy (and happy!).

Flower busy bag for spring! Fine motor FUN!!

Create a Flower Fine Motor Busy Bag

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Flower themed busy bag with petals to work on hand strengthening! Fine motor fun!

This flower themed fine motor busy bag was very easy to throw together. The only thing that might take a bit of time was coloring the clothespins, and we already had painted ones (or get colored clothespins ).

Fine motor activity - build a flower!

Color your clothespins if necessary. We painted ours, but your child could also decorate them with markers or crayons. The clothespins will be the petals. And the fine motor strengtheners!

Cut several different colored circles from the craft foam. The circles will be the centers of the flowers. Then cut green stems from the craft foam.

And then it’s playtime! My kids build the flower first by adding a circle to a stem. Then add clothespin petals to the flowers. You can match the pins to the circles, try making patterns, or just free play! If you drew numbers inside the circles, you could put the corresponding numbers of pins onto the flower.

fine motor flower activity for preschoolers

Throw it all in a bag to store for next time! These are great to bring along to appointments!
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