Fingerprint Father’s Day Card

Fingerprint Bee Father's Day Card: You Make Us BUZZ with joy!


My kids love stamping -using stamps, putting stamps on themselves, anything, really, that involves an inkpad. So when I wanted to make a Father’s Day card, fingerprints seemed like a natural way to go!

Our supplies were simple: washable yellow ink, paper, and a fine point black Sharpie marker. I bought pre-folded blank notecards at a local craft store, but you can use construction paper or card stock just as easily.

If you did not have yellow ink, you could also use yellow paint.  While my kids do love getting messy, but gets very upset if his hands remain colored, so for us using washable ink was key. Washable is also a very good idea when trying to fingerprint a 10 month old.

Making the Preschooler Bees: I first wrote out the saying “You make us BUZZ with joy.” Then my son placed his finger on the inkpad, and went to town stamping cards (we also made one for his grandfather, and some other male relatives).

Making the Baby Bees: I covered my son’s finger with ink, making sure the entire pad of his finger was covered. Then I used the press and roll method: I held his finger and pressed it down onto the card, rolling it slightly toward the tip to get the whole print.

Once the yellow bees were buzzing all over the card, I drew black lines on the fingerprints for the body of the bee, a smiley face, and wings.

That’s it, it took about 3 minutes, and I know my husband will love it. The other saying I thought about was “We are as happy as can bee that you are our dad!” That one took up too much room on the card, however!

I love a good bee pun, honey! Share yours below!

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