Felt Apple Pie Pretend Play

felt apple pie play


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With thoughts of Thanksgiving pies in my head, I decided to make the boys an apple pie pretend play station.

Make Your Felt Apple Pie Pretend Play Set

Mostly I just cut simple shapes from colored felt. I stocked our pie shop with the following felt items:

  • apples (glue little brown felt pieces to the top of cut red felt)
  • apple slices: peeled (white felt) and unpeeled (white felt with a bit of red felt glued on)
  • pie tin (grey felt circle)
  • pie crust (brown felt circle)
  • ground cinnamon shaker (white felt rectangle + gray semicircle, attached with glue)
  • lemon  (yellow felt)

We also added in real bowls, spoons, and a spatula.

Felt apple pie pretend play


My sons (4 1/2 and 16 months) played with this set in so many ways. Mixing the ingredients, pretending to peel the apples, matching slices to apples, decorating the pies with pieces, taking orders, bringing me pie, naming the shop. My older son turned the highchair into an oven.

For the little guy especially, grabbing the slices and putting them into the bowl was a fun fine motor activity. He even got into the pretend play aspect by handing me pies!

For additional fun, I added measuring cups and spoons. In addition to additional pretend play opportunities, this play helps them learn measurements.  I’m also going to make felt pumpkins and pecans so we can add selections to our pie set up!

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