Dinosaur Camp Ideas

Dinosaur activities are perfect for summer camp! Almost all kids love dinosaurs, and there are so many fun ideas to play with them.

We kick off the “opening” of our sandbox every year with a dinosaur excavation. We put new sand in our sandbox every year, and once the new sand is in, I set up a dinosaur game that is perfect for a dinosaur camp!

Dinosaur Sand Dig! And other fun Dinosaur Camp ideas!

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I put toy dinosaurs (we use small ones from a Safari Ltd Dinos TOOB) and cover them with some sand. Then I call the kids, hand them each a paintbrush and a toothbrush, and tell them they are going on a dinosaur excavation.

They search the terrain for lumps and hills that look like there might be dinosaurs underneath. Then they mark off where they are going to dig, and use their tools to excavate their fossils!

Here are many more super fun dinosaur activities to try out for a DIY dinosaur camp!

Ideas for a dinosaur camp! Easy to make on your own and so much fun for little dino-lovers!

Dinosaur Camp Activities

Camp Snacks!

You’ll work up a dino-size appetite, so be sure to have some snacks on hand. A few you’ll love:


These are some of our favorite dinosaur-themed books

DIY Dinosaur Camp - ideas to create your own camp at home!

Arts and Crafts

Backyard Camp Ideas! Ideas to fill 11 weeks!

Week 1
Sugar Aunts: Outer Space

Week 2
Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails: Ocean 

Week 3
Still Playing School: Colors 

Week 4
Where Imagination Grows: Backyard Fun 

Week 5
Little Bins for Little Hands: Science 

Week 6
All Done Monkey: Legos 

Week 7
Rainy Day Mum: Bugs & Butterflies 

Week 8
The Pleasantest Thing: Dinosaurs 

Week 9
JDaniel 4’s Mom: Rainforest 

Week 10
Coffee Cups and Crayons: Secret Spy School 

Week 11
Fun-a-Day: Frozen

Dinosaur Sand Excavation! And other fun Dinosaur Camp ideas!

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