Crafts That Fly

Making crafts that fly is a way to get two activities for the price of one! These crafts are fun for the kids to create… and then a whole lot of fun to play with!

15 crafts that FLY! Fun to make AND play with!

Many of these crafts are ones that have aspects that both my 2 year old and my 6 year old can do, and I love finding one activity that works well for both of my little guys! And that they are fun hands on ways to learn science!

The list below is a list of awesome crafts that fly – both ones I’ve tried or ones that I picked because I want to try them soon!

  1. Flying Egg Carton craft from How Wee Learn
  2. Exploding Chalk Rockets from Growing a Jeweled Rose
  3. Mini Copters from Egg Cartons from The Craft Train
  4. Toy Paper Helicopters from Babble Dabble Do
  5. Straw Rockets from The Pleasantest Thing
  6. Make Straw Airplanes from Toddler Approved
  7. How to Make a Paper Airplane from TinkerLab
  8. Rocket Balloon from North East Ohio Family Fun
  9. Plastic Bag Parachute using a Lego brick! from Seven Thirty Three
  10. Make a Paper Airplane Test Lab from Frugal Fun for Boys
  11. Simple Plastic Bag Parachute from Mama Smiles
  12. Printable Paper Airplane from Spoonful
  13. Rubber Band Helicopter from eHow
  14. Minifigure Parachute from Zakka Life
  15. Balloon Rocket That Blasts Off from Club House Jr.

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