Counting Game: Run and Count

Run & Count - an active math game

Run and Count is a game we use to practice counting, and get more familiarity with numbers. It’s very easy: I give the kids cards with varying numbers of stickers on them, the kids count the stickers on the cards, and then run and find the stick that corresponds to the number of objects. For this game I game them clothespins to clip the sticker cards to the number cards, so they also got in a bit of fine motor practice.

Creating the Counting Game

We were lucky enough to receive a package from Craft Project Ideas, which we used to make most of this game:

I painted various numbers on the cards, and taped those cards to the wooden dowels, and stuck the wooden dowels in the ground. I put a clothespin on each number card, for the kids to use to attach the sticker cards.

Run & Count - an active math game

To make the sticker cards, I wanted to use foam stickers, so that the kids would be able to really feel the numbers while they were counting. I only went up to 12 stickers per card because otherwise the index cards with the stickers got too crowded.

Then the kids chose a sticker card, counted it, and ran to find the number card it matched.

My 5 year old loves space, so because I used the outer space stickers, he calls it the “Space Counting Game.”

Run & Count - an active math game

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