Cookie Cutter Activity: Shape Match

I came up with this cookie cutter activity as a way to entertain my toddler while I got dinner ready. It takes very little time to set up, and it’s easy to vary either the colors or the shapes, so that the activity stays exciting for my little guy!

Cookie Cutter Shape Match - my toddler will LOVE this!

Set up

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  • differently shaped cookie cutters
  • different colors of paint
  • paper roll
  • Painter’s tape

Place a large strip of paper on the floor, held down with painter’s tape (this comes off our floor easily, but you might want to test first). Then grab a few cookie cutters, and some paint. Dip the cookie cutters into paint, and place stamps all over the paper.

You can vary how you do it – all different colors, or use the same colors for the same shape. I like to only do a few shapes or colors at a time – otherwise it can be a bit overwhelming.

My toddler also likes helping to set up the activity – stamping the cookie cutters into the paint is a lot of fun!

Cookie Cutter Shape Match - my toddler LOVES this!

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