Color Block Puzzles

Puzzles and blocks are two things we love, so an activity that combines the two is a sure winner! Plus these puzzles are easy to throw into a bag and bring along as a quiet time activity. (You know how we love our busy bags.)

Make your own color block puzzles! So fun for preschool and kindergarten!

Make Your Block Puzzles

Choose different colored pieces of craft foam (we did red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black), and corresponding colors of blocks. Then set up the blocks in various shapes on the color they match. Trace the shapes with a permanent marker. Then set out all the craft foam sheets and mix up the blocks.

Your child can then match the blocks to the corresponding colors, and use those blocks to recreate the shape puzzles on the sheets.

We read Freight Train by Donald Crews, one of our all-time favorites, and talked about the colors of the various train cars before (and after!) this activity. Books about colors are so fun, and we love using blocks to reinforce the colors we see!

 Easy block puzzle - fun logic and color practice and easy busy bag!


Virtual Book Club for Kids

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