Christmas Colors: Toddler Game

This time of year, we try to pack in all the Christmas fun we can. One of our favorite Christmas toddler games plays with color. This is a game my toddler loves – and even his big brother will help out!

Christmas Game for toddlers: color sort paper tree decorations

Playing the Game

  • Paper cutout tree
  • Colored circle “Christmas ornaments”
  • Masking tape

I used our large paper roll, cut out a big tree, which I taped to the wall using masking tape. I added circles in various colors, with masking tape on the back of each.

Group the paper circles together by color, and then name your toddler a color to put on the tree. Or choose a color together to put on the tree.

And then watch them take off the ornaments…and put them back on…and take them off…and put them back on! That’s any toddler’s favorite game!

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