Cave Drawings: Fine Motor Practice

writing practice for preschoolers

I have a hard time getting my 4 year old to use crayons/chalk/markers. He loves creating things, but generally he likes it best when he can paint, stamp, or glue. I’ve been thinking that he should get in some practice with actual writing implements. To get him excited about writing, I asked him if he wanted to pretend to be a caveman, and create his own cave drawings.

His cave was under the ledge of the island in our kitchen. I taped brown butcher’s paper to the underside of the ledge, the wall, and the floor in front. Then I brought chalk (thick and thin) and crayons.

In the past that he has happily colored on a large piece of butcher paper on the floor, so I thought the bigger, the better, and I covered the entire length of our island with paper.  In order to write on the unusual angles of his cave, he needed to use his muscles in a way he isn’t as used to, strengthening his finger muscles.

After learning that cavemen used bones and stones to create their drawings, his thin white chalk pieces became bones, and that the wide, broken chalk pieces became stones.

He drew all over the paper on the top and the side, but wasn’t interested in drawing on the floor. He said that was for walking, not for drawing. Once his cave was decorated, it became a fun place for us to hang out for the afternoon- both for snacks and for reading.

fine motor activity preschool

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