Breakfast Ice Pop

Easy Peasy (and healthy!)  Ice Pops

As the weather heats up, we’ve been enjoying incredibly simple ice pops: frozen juice! I was caught off guard when the weather first heated up, so I improvised a mold, using small paper cups and straws.

We used 3 ounce cups, because that’s about the size that’s my little guys can handle in one sitting.

We poured some juice into the dixie cups (about 1/2 way). Then we put straws inside to use as handles. Once the ice pop is frozen, the straw is too flimsy to support the weight of the pop. To support the pop, and also to make the grip sturdier, I used a flexible straw, and cut it so that it was equally long on both sides of the bendy part of the straw. I put it in with the ends of the straw into the cup, but you could also try it the other way for a 2-handed grip.

We put our ice pops into the freezer, and they were ready for breakfast! To eat them, we just peeled off the paper cups. For a fun addition, you could add in bits of chopped fruit! For another healthy, icy treat, check out watermelon ice!

Easy Peasy (and healthy!)  Ice Pops

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