ABC Pumpkin Hop

School is back in session and we’re back with our Move & Learn series! Kids naturally learn so much through play and movement, and this series is a fun way to practice many learning concepts.

This week we’re all focusing on moving and learning the ABC’s. Because pumpkins are starting to grow around here, we decided to do Pumpkin Patch ABC’s.

Pumpkin letter fun! ABC practice and movement game!

Set up

  • Orange paper plates (or paint white ones orange)
  • Green paper for the stem
  • Tape
  • Marker

Move and learn the ABC's with this pumpkin patch game!Tape a rectangular piece of green paper to the top of an orange paper plate, and you’ve got an instant pumpkin! Write letters on the plate, and set them out: now you have an ABC Pumpkin Patch!

Pick an ABC Pumpkin! Fun letter practice idea!

There are many ways to play:

  • Jump to the letters, calling them out as you jump.
  • “Pick” your pumpkin – call out the letter and grab the pumpkin!
  • Pumpkin toss – say the letter and throw the paper plate  pumpkin frisbee style
  • Set them out in alphabetical order and hop the alphabet
  • For kids practicing reading: jump to the letters to spell out words.

You could also use numbers or sight words instead of letters for this game!

Pumpkin Patch ABC's - fun way to move and practice learning letters!

Other Ways to Move & Learn The ABC’s:

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