5 LEGO Math Activities

Using favorite toys is a way to add fun to learning – and because LEGOs are a favorite, we used them to practice some math concepts.

This group of lego math ideas is part of the Getting Ready for K Through Play series – a playful approach to preparing your child for kindergarten. Some of the math concepts appropriate for many children at this age are counting, number identification, grouping, basic patterns and sequences. And these are all activities that are perfect for LEGO (and Duplo) play!

5 LEGO math activities - fun to work on math skills this summer!

LEGO Math Activities

  • Grouping: One of the best things about learning with LEGOs and Duplos is that there are so many ways to sort them!  Group them by the same size, color, or shape.
  • Making comparisons: arrange the blocks in different groups, and talk about words like “some” “all” “most” and “many”. Set up the bricks so you can talk about things like “What color are most of the blocks?” “Some of the blocks are green” “All of the blocks are the same size.”

5 LEGO Math activities - fun way to practice math skills this summer!

  • Number identification: I wrote numbers on 10 of the blocks. Then the kids name the numbers.
  • Simple patterns: we did ABAB and AABAAB patterns. You can make them more or less complicated based on what’s appropriate for your child.
  • Match small quantities of blocks to the correct number. Write out a number like 3, and then have your child select the number of corresponding blocks.

5 LEGO Match Activities - fun way to work on math skills this summer!Get Ready for K Through PLAY!

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