Our Favorite Toddler Made Ornaments

My toddler loves to create ornaments. Our tree will be decked in painted pinecones, felt trees covered in buttons, and twisted pipecleaner candy canes. I wanted to share this list of ornaments toddlers can make – at least with a little help! (links to Amazon are affiliate links)

Over 20 ornaments toddlers can  help make - pinecones, globes, saltdough, pipecleaners, and more!


  • Paint pinecones
  • Glue pompoms to pinecones
  • Decorate pinecones with glitter glue.

Ball Ornaments

Other Classics (Craft Sticks and Pipecleaners!)

Salt Dough Ornaments

  • Twisted Candy Cane Salt Dough ornaments
  • Cookie cutter salt dough ornaments – let your toddler cut the shape and paint
  • Hand print salt dough ornaments – flatten the dough into a circle, help your toddler make a handprint

Ornaments Into Memories

What would you add to this list?

Ornaments that toddlers can make! Over 20 ideas your toddler will love!

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