Sight Word Rescue Game

Sight Word Rescue Game: Play to review your word lists.

We’re finding ways to make learning new words fun, and one of my kindergartner’s favorite activities is the sight word rescue game.

Playing The Sight Word Game

I wrote out about 10 different words on an index card. Because we were playing a rescue I used people and animal words. Then I taped them all over our climbing dome (here’s an affiliate link for our dome climber if you want to check it out). You could also do this at a playground or in trees, or inside if you have furniture you don’t mind your kids climbing all over.

Then he climbed around “rescuing” the words. We did this two ways: I would call out the word, and he would search for it and rescue it, or he would go rescue the words, and call them out as he found them.

Sight Word Rescue Game: Play to review your word lists.

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