10 Stocking Stuffers for Kids

I’ve begun thinking about Christmas. In our family, on Christmas morning, we come downstairs, and first see the stockings, full of fun little surprises – small toys, candy, dried fruits, little books. Listed below are some of the things I am planning to get this year, as well as some favorites from the past:

These animal finger puppets are so cute. I’m having a hard time deciding which ones to choose. I think I will put a couple in each of my son’s stockings.

Crayon Rocks 16 Colors in a Muslin Bag holiday bag from Stubby Pencil Studio: Little fingers will create bold strokes with vibrant color while grasping these pebble shaped crayons. They also have a mini-bag version of these crayons available.

Kids love playing with flashlights, and this adorable Firefly Flashlight is great for little hands.

Safari Ltd TOOBS are sure to be a hit! They have many choices. We have gotten much use from our Dogs TOOB (here and here).

Rory’s Story Cubes: Actions: Rolling the dice in this game leads to endless possibilities for storytelling. We love playing open-ended games like this one.

Lots of possibilities with fun clay from Crayola.  My kids love using cookie cutters with this clay.

Measuring has recently become a favorite game around our house. With this Play Tape Measure from Learning  Resources I won’t need to worry about the boys hurting themselves with our tape measure (or losing it).

Have your future paleontologist excavate a baby dinosaur from a fossilized Dinosaur Egg.

Scratch Art Animal Safari includes a stencil to trace animals, and then your little one can customize their own animals.

Blowing bubbles in the tub is especially fun with California Baby Light and Happy Aromatherapy Bubble Bath. We have tried the cold and flu bubble bath to make feeling sick slightly more bearable, and I’m excited to try out the light and happy aromatherapy.

What stockings stuffers do you have in mind this year?

10 Stocking Stuffers for Kids

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